Title: Lighthouse in Pen and Ink
Artist: Kathryn Barnes
Media: Pen and Ink
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Kathryn Barnes
PO Box 26
Sherwood, MI 49089 USA


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People that  have never been to the Great Lakes have different preconceptions. Some think that the lakes are small and that one can see to the other side. Or that they are salt water. Only people that live along the lakes or boat on the lakes know how fast the storms come up, how vast the lakes are, and how precious. Lighthouses all have their stories to tell, and are still a very important part of life. As in the ballad by Gordon Lightfoot, when the Whitefish Point light malfunctioned, the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in Lake Superior. 
        The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes

Lighthouse in Pen and Ink © Kathryn A. Barnes
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