Title: Mallards
Artist: Kathryn Barnes
Media: Oils on Canvas

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Wetlands are a  biodiverse ecosystem, i.e. full of life. It is imperative to defend wildlife---by preserving habitat.  I bought an old abandoned farm, and through the years I have done my best to let the earth restore itself. I have also planted native species to encourage wildlife. All around me, in neighboring rural areas and urban areas, I see the destruction of the earth for industry and development. I encourage everyone to do all you can to save the earth, which is sacred, it is life, it is the Lord's creation......
Some suggestions:
Learn all you can about native plants, animals, and ecosystems
If possible, purchase some land and restore it or preserve it if it is already in a pristine state.
Recycle everything--don't add to the waste

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Kathryn Barnes
PO Box 26
Sherwood, MI 49089 USA


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