Title: The Greenwoods
Artist: Kathryn Barnes
Media: Watercolor
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When I began this watercolor painting, the mayapples in the foreground were umbrella-like and the sweet spring smell of the woodlands was welcome after the winter. I wanted to paint this part of the woods because the ancient hollow tree wouldn't stand much longer.  I spent most of the day doing this watercolor, until I lost the light and had to hike back. Due to a storm, I wasn't able to return to this spot to finish the painting for a few days. When I returned,deer had trampled the mayapples and the foliage had leafed out which happens quickly in a Michigan spring. Instead of attempting to "finish" the painting, I only added a few details in watercolor and pen and ink to leave more of the original scene intact.
        The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes

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