Title: Crystal Nacht Mandala
Artist: Kathryn Barnes
Media: Oils on Canvas

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I began studying crystals, then sketched this design, the concept being a crystal Mandala. While painting I realized the repetition of Star of David's within it. I enjoy listening to National Public Radio when I paint. As I was painting, NPR reported Jewish people were having celebrations commemorating the Night of Crystal, or Crystal Nacht. During the Holocaust, in Berlin, the Jewish people destroyed their crystal so that the Nazi's could not use it for the war effort.. The sound of shattered crystal echoed throughout Berlin.....Some believe the night of crystal to be the shattering of Jewish shop windows by  the SS....Perhaps it is both, in both worlds.

This painting is dedicated to the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust and to the Lord who links us all in one Humanity and one Joy and one suffering. There is a superconscious level whereby we are all connected. I believe it was some mystical connection at this level that gave me the experience  creating this artwork that I am trying to share with you now.

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