Title:  Mission Point
Artist: Kathryn Barnes
Media: Oils on Canvas

Mission Point lighthouse is on the shore of Lake Michigan, Traverse Bay area. It is a small church-like lighthouse, and has saved uncounted lives.
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Kathryn Barnes
PO Box 26
Sherwood, MI 49089 USA

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        The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes

This lighthouse is 
located at the tip 
of the Traverse Bay
peninsula in Michigan.

It is named for the
missionaries that once
lived there. 

This was a commissioned
artwork by a woman whose
son had once traveled to
that place intending to
commit suicide.
When he reached the end 
of the bay at the place 
where the land
points into Traverse Bay, 
he saw the
lighthouse and his life
changed. He was filled
with hope and did not
kill himself.

Prayers linger on in 
places where they are 
earnestly said.
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