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Big Sable
Big Sable Print(s)

Cheboygan Print(s)
        The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes
Cheboygan Lights
Cheboygan Lights Print(s)
Frankfort Lighthouse
Frankfort Lighthouse Print(s)
Traditional Child Print(s)
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AIM DogSoldier
AIM DogSoldier Print(s)
 Allen's Hummingbird
Allen's Hummingbird Print(s)
Amish Country Print(s)
Amish Garden
  Anna's Hummingbird
Astral Star Mandala
 Athens Swan
Amish Garden Print(s)
Anna's Hummingbird Print(s)
Astral Star Print(s)
Athens Swan Print(s)
Autumn Reverie
Autumn Reverie Print(s)
Ballet in Blue
  Blackfoot Man
Ballet in Blue Print(s)
Biko Print(s)
Blackfoot Man Print(s)
Blue Kachina
Blue Kachina Print(s)
Blue Lotus Mandala Print(s)
 Blue Lotus Mandala
  Blue Throat Hummer
Bluethroat Hummer Print(s)
  Broad-Billed Hummingbird
Broad-billed Hummingbird Print(s)
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Christ at Gethsemane
 Christian Mandala
Climax Country Barn
Christ at Gethsemane Print(s)
Christian Mandala Print(s)
Climax Country Barn Print(s)
Copper Kettle with Grapes
Copper on Marigolds
Crystal Nacht Mandala
Copper Kettle with Grapes Print(s)
Copper on Mariagolds Print(s)
Crystal Nacht Mandala Print(s)
Deep Watercolor Rose
Dove Hummers
Deep Watercolor Rose Print(s)
Dove Hummers Print(s)
Eagle Harbor
Eagle Kachina
 Ecology and Peace
End of the Road
Eagle Harbor Print(s)
Eagle Kachina Print(s)
Ecology and Peace Print(s)
End of the Road Print(s)
Fire and Ice
Flight Over Lilacs
 Fragile Oasis
Fire and Ice Print(s)
Flight Over Lilacs Print(s)
Fragile Oasis Print(s)
Heart Hummer-front view
Heart Hummer-side view
Hopi Butterfly Dancer
FV HeartHumme Print(s)
SV HeartHumme Print(s)
Hopi Butterfly Dancer Print(s)
Impression of Roses
In The Moonlight
Impression of Roses Print(s)
In the Moonlight Print(s)
Jicarilla Apache Girl
Jicarilla Girl Print(s)
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Ken: Portrait of a Young Man
Ken Print(s)
Kusku Print(s)
Light Watercolor Rose
Lighthouse in Pen and Ink
Little Fawn
Light Watercolor Rose Print(s)
Lighthouse in Pen and Ink Print(s)
Little Fawn Print(s)
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Little Sable Lighthouse Print(s)
Little Sister Print(s)
        Little Sable
Little Sister
Make Peace Your Jihad
Maribeth's Outhouse
Mallards Print(s)
MaryBeth's Outhouse Print(s)
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Menominee Passage
Midstream Remembrance
Mission Point
Menominee Passage Print(s)
Monarch on Marigold
Midstream Remembrance Print(s)
Mission Point Lighthouse Print(s)
Monarch on Mariagold Print(s)
Monarchs on Sunflower
Mother and Child with a Basket
Mother's Joy
Monarchs on Sunflower Print(s)
Mother and Child with a Basket Print(s)
Mother's Joy Print(s)
Mustang Meadow
Mustang Meadow Print(s)
Native Vet
Native Vet Print(s)
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Old Glory
Old Glory Print(s)
Old Presque Lighthouse
Title: Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, Dream of Wholeness Print(s)
Owl in pen and ink
Owl in Pen and Ink Print(s)
Papago Woman
Pastel Cat
Pastel Green Hummer
Pastel Lighthouse
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Papago Woman Print(s)
Pastel Cat Print(s)
Green Hummer Print(s)
Pastel Lighthouse Print(s)
Pastel Rosa
Pearl of Great Price Mandala
Plains Woman
Pastel Rose Print(s)
Pearl of Great Price Mandala Print(s)
Plains Woman Print(s)
Point Barques Lighthouse
Powwow Dancer
Point Barques Lighthouse Print(s)
Powwow Dancer Print(s)
Rainbow Mandala
Remembrance at Gettysburg
Still Life with Pear Print(s)
Still Life with Pear
Rodin Print(s)
Remembrance at Gettysburg Print(s)
Rainbow Mandala Print(s)
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Sepia Lighthouse
:Sepia Lighthouse Print(s)
Sister Print(s)
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull, Portrait of a Holy Man Print(s)
Snowy Light
Southwest Mandala
Spirit Dancer
Snowy Light Print(s)
Southwest Mandala Print(s)
Spirit Dancer Print(s)
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Stone Lotus
Sun Kachina
Sundance Mandala
Swallowtail and Yellow Flowers Print(s)
Swallowtail with Yellow Flowers
Stone Lotus Print(s)
Sun Kachina Print(s)
Sundance Mandala Print(s)
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Tao Mandala
The Amish Breadbaker
The Crucifixion
The Dancers
The Eagles Nest
Tao Mandala Print(s)
The Amish Breadbaker Print(s)
The Crucifixion Print(s)
The Dancers Print(s)
Eagles Nest Print(s)
Northern Lighthouse Print(s)
Make Peace Your Jihad Print(s)
Shelby Print(s)
The Greenwoods
The Old Windmill
Tiger Swallowtail on a Pink Lily
Tropical Gold
Tropical Gold Print(s)
Swallowtail on a Pink Lily Print(s)
The Old Windmill Print(s)
The Greenwoods Print(s)
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Tropical Hummers
Turtle Thought
Two Hummers
Tropical Hummers Print(s)
Turtle Thought Print(s)
Two Hummers Print(s)
Vermont Mill
Vermont Mill Print(s)
Wallenberg Print(s)
Waterdance Print(s)
Wild Swans
The Wild Swans Print(s)
Windswept Print(s)
Wolves Print(s)
Young Einstein
Young Raccoon
Young Raccoon Print(s)
Young Einstein Print(s)
Yosemite Print(s)
Iridescent Hummer
Iridescent Hummer Print(s)
A Traditional Child
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Product information

Prints are limited edition, most to 500, and are hand signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are printed on 8.5x11 heavy archival paper, and are suitable for framing. The standard size makes framing both easy and affordable. They can be attractively matted to a larger size & framed to individual preference. They are $15.00 each, which includes free shipping within the USA. There are discounts for buying more than 1 of a print, up to 5 prints of a specific artwork. 

Little Fawn
Little Fawn Print(s)
Menegerie Island Lighthouse Print(s)
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