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Kathryn A. Barnes studied fine arts at the Art Center School of Art in South Bend, Indiana where her artwork was exhibited at various times. She also studied art at WMU and studied photography at K College. Her interest in art began at an early age and has continued throughout her life. 

Ms.Barnes art has transitioned through distinct, and unique, phases. Reflected in her work, series of mandalas, Native American portraits, butterflies and flowers, and other subjects. She has painted hundreds of lighthouse paintings, and wildlife paintings on materials such as sawblades and art conk fungi as well as on canvas and wood.

Ms. Barnes' original artworks are in private collections throughout the world. 

Barnes was honored as the Branch County Art Guild's artist of the month  in May 2002.

Barnes received art competition awards at the Augusta Art Fair, and purchase prize awards at the Saugatuck Invitational and Portside Art Shows, an Honorable Mention in 2011 for her mixed media art, "Nuclear Renaissance" which depicts a melt-odown of a nuclear reactor, and won Best of Show in 2011 for her mixed media sculpture "Deer Kachina Mask" 

In 2012 Barnes was awarded an Honorable Mention for her artwork "Facebook" and "Father" in the Multicultural art show, and won an award for the Best Graphic Design at the KCC Art Show. 

Barnes earned a AAS degree in Graphic Design in 2012. She graduated magna cum laude and received an award as the "Outstanding 2012 Graphic Design Graduate."

Barnes wrote the play, A Nuclear Tale, which was produced during one of the NFLAC camps and performed at one of the protests at the DC Cook nuclear power plant. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of several environmental and peace groups.

Barnes has also been active as a writer of poetry, and has created a collection of poems. Two photos by Barnes, a water lily and Brothers and a poem, "The Curtain", were featured in The Mosaic. Her poetry has also been published in Womyn Share and in Riverrun. Womyn Share also published some of Barnes non-fiction articles, including "The Psychiatric Fix: Behind Closed Doors" and "Womyn and Chemicals."

Music has also been a muse of the artist. In the 1960's the artist played twelve string guitar and sang in college campus coffee houses with other musicians. 

In October 2004, Ms.Barnes was featured on Open Studio, a PBS show on WNIT TV which was viewed in the Midwest. The artist was interviewed and several of her artworks were shown. Some of her artworks have also been nominated to be in International Fine Arts shows in Europe and the Caribbean. 

In 2006 the artist opened an art studio at the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She also joined the Arts Association of Kalamazoo and belongs to the Plein Air Artists of SW Michigan group. Barnes also has a membership in the Branch County Art Guild. In 2007, the artist moved her studio into her home in rural Michigan.

Barnes began using her talents to create video documentaries. Recent ones include "The Monster on the Beach" and "Cry a Rainbow".  In 2009 the artist/photojournalist Barnes devoted time towards the development of websites on EMF and nuclear issues, and filmed the meeting with the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board re: the proposed Fermi 3 new nuclear reactor, also filming public comments and putting the footage on YouTube & offering it to public access stations. Barnes also covered the conference on nuclear issues in the Great Lakes region, did graphic design work for it and filmed it. The film is also free and is on youtube.

One of her photojournalism websites about a journey to the nuclear test site in 2001 can be viewed online.
In 2013 Barnes was one of the artists in the Red Fusion Art show which was a fund raiser for the Red Cross. Barnes also participated in various art hops and other fund raisers for charitable groups. 

Barnes works as a graphic designer, maintaining websites and designing catalogs, fliers, etc. for web and publication for a local company as well as independent work as a fine artist.

Barnes website and domain are not for sale. Please do not inquire.  Inquiries about artwork are welcome.

Thank you for your interest in artist Kathryn Barnes.

​        Artist Statement and Bio © Kathryn A. Barnes

The Artist, a self portrait 
(photo) © Kathryn Barnes 2002

Artist Statement:
"Art is an integral part of my life which reveals itself in parallel forms and mixed media. I enjoy creating many forms of visual art, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting, pastel, pen and ink, silverpoint, and also enjoy doing photography, music, creative writing, journalism and poetry. My subject matter is not limited to any particular subject. 
Art does reflect my life. Perhaps it creates my life. I find inspiration everywhere--in nature, in people's faces, in design, dreams, visions, thoughts and in the spirit. Art is a healing force that is within everyone."


        The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes

Photo Kathryn Barnes
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