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   The painting came in  
excellent condition.It made my eyes 
misty as memories came flooding 
back. Thank You."

          ~Andrew S.~

"Thank you Kathryn~
I'm delighted with the prints~
Keep me posted if you do any more
work on Biblical themes."


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If you see an artwork you like, limited edition, hand signed and  numbered prints are available on the 'print' page. 

It is a violation of copyright law to copy, print, or in any other way to reproduce an artist's original artwork. Please respect the artist's rights. All artworks on this website are the 
original artwork of Kathryn A. Barnes, who retains all rights. Artworks are protected by US copyright law.

"Moment of Ecstasy" by artist Kathryn Barnes
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Title: "Moment of Ecstasy"
Media: Oils on Canvas
Artist: Kathryn Barnes

Painted in Plein Air
Pierce Cedar Creek

Title: "Winter Berry Owl"
Media: Watercolor Pencil
Artist: Kathryn Barnes

Winter Berry Owl by artist Kathryn Barnes
Artwork and Design © Kathryn Barnes, Artist, all rights reserved
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