The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes

In the daylight dreaming
Of this mystical world
At times there is rest
In antediluvian time
Amid the greenwoods
Among the forest people
And ancient towering giants

Where birds melodious
Chorus heralds the dawn
Spring energies with
Clear fresh air
Mossed cups of dew
In fern frocked paths
Asleep in the dream of 

This place is where 
The parking lot was built
The road was put through
The factory was modeled
After human sweat spent
Its day of gloom
Pity the human condition
That has no time for

Mystical forest of Life

"In the wilderness
Is the preservation
Of the world"...

Have we forgot that
Did we get it yet
Are we so lost
That we have not
Touched our mother
the earth
and slept in her arms

Poems, photos, web design © Kathryn A.Barnes
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