The Fine Art of Artist Kathryn A. Barnes
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   The painting came in  
excellent condition.It made my eyes 
misty as memories came flooding 
back. Thank You."

          ~Andrew S.~

"Thank you Kathryn~
I'm delighted with the prints~
Keep me posted if you do any more
work on Biblical themes."


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Artwork and Design © Kathryn Barnes, Artist, all rights reserved
BlueThroat Hummer - Oils on Canvas
Anna's Hummingbird - Acrylics on Wood
Heart Hummer - Acrylics on wood
Broad Billed Hummer - Acrylics on Wood
Allen's Hummingbird - Acrylics on wood
Dove Hummers -Acrylics on Wood
Heart Hummer-side view - Acrylics on wood
Iridescent Hummer - Mixed Media
Two RubyThroats - Oils on Canvas
Tropical Hummers - Oils on Canvas
Tiger Swallowtail on a Pink Lily - Oils on Canvas
Light Watercolor Rose - Watercolors
Deep Watercolor Rose - Watercolors
Tropical Gold - Oils on Canvas
Swallowtail and Yellow Flowers - Oils on Canvas
Pastel Green Hummer - pastels
Copper on Mariagolds - Oils on Canvas
Fire and Ice - Oils on Canvas
Monarchs on Sunflower - Oils on Canvas
Flight over Lilacs
Impression of Roses - Oils on Canvas
Fragile Oasis - Oils on Canvas
Christian Mandala - Oils on Canvas
Crystal Nacht Mandala - Oils on Canvas
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