Welcome to the Fine Art of Kathryn Barnes
Kathryn Barnes and "Greenwoods Art" are dedicated to the "greening of America" in the following ways:
~ recycling ~ to take responsibility for one's life and consumerism is imperative. Ms. Barnes recycles everything.
There are centers for accepting plastics, glass, metal, and paper, where Ms. Barnes recycles, and Ms. Barnes relies on repair and purchasing second hand items as much as possible to help the environment. 
~ organics ~ Ms.Barnes has an organic garden every year, has taught classes on the subject, and joined the Organic Growers in 1975. In 1985, she did a court case in pro per against agribusiness for chemical trespass. She has fought to ban deadly pesticides and inform the public.
~ anti-nuclear ~ Since the threat of destruction from nuclear waste and terrorism is so great in the Great Lakes area, where there is a concentration of nuclear facilities, Ms. Barnes has joined in the anti-nuclear movement, beginning with involvement in the group, Don't Waste Michigan, which formed to stop Michigan from becoming a national nuclear waste dump, and continuing to the present, also aligning with other environmental groups such as the Nuclear Free Great Lakes. She has helped in the development of children's programs at the Backyard Eco Conference and has helped in the steering committee and children's programs of the Nuclear Free Great Lakes Action Camps.
In May of 2001, Ms.Barnes traveled with Corrine Carey, a photojournalist and peacist, and John Schumaker, a poet and environmentalist, to the Mother's Day Fellowship and Peace Action at Newe Sogobia, Nevada. The Shoshone hosted the camp and environmentalists from throughout the nation joined with Native Americans to protest the situation of nuclear devastation happening around the nuclear test site. Ms.Barnes photographed the event and developed the website listed in the Links section of this website. Barnes currently serves on the Board of Directors of Don't Waste Michigan.

~Other issues~
Ms.Barnes has also been involved in the campaign to save the wolves in Alaska,  to stop drilling in the Alaskan wildlife range, to save the oceans, dolphins, rainforests, and has joined in peace and justice issues such as the farmworkers boycotts under Cesar Chavez, worked in the Fellowship of 
Reconciliation  US/USSR  peace reconciliation project to end the cold war, worked for peace in El Salvador, helped resettle the refugee boat people after the Vietnam war,
 has been a member of the Amnesty International's urgent action network for over a decade to help free prisoners of conscience, has worked for animal rights donating art to PETA and other groups,has also donated art to aid the Chernobyl children and for many local charitable groups within the communities where Ms.Barnes has done her
art shows. She passed petitions to get the Green Party on the ballot,  helped form food co-ops, and is currently researching artist collectives. 
~As an artist~ she has helped teach art to children by offering a free art class to homeschool children, and has developed the website for the art guild in her community, also writing the press releases for the artist of the month. She joined other guild members, donating their time and talent, to paint a mural in the downtown area in the rural area where she resides. 
 Her belief is that non-violence and love are the greatest forces to effect positive change in the world. She believes that war is an admission of failure and joins others to work and pray for peace in the world.

Barnes currently serves on the Board of Directors of PeaceWays, a peace group inspired by Rebecca Shelley, the peace poet and on the Board of Directors of Don't Waste Michigan and CACC, both environmental groups in Michigan.

~Other Interests~ Inspired by photojournalist and friend, Corrine Carey, Kathryn began doing photojournalism.... First developing websites using still photography, later, in 2007, creating documentary films and founding Greenwoods Art Independent Media Productions.

The artist also enjoys writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and composing music. The greatest joy in her life is her Grandchild, and returning to the Rocky Mts.

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Organic Herbal Vinegar


One bottle of wine
Good friends to share it with
An organic garden with herbs
A sunny window sill


After drinking wine with some good friends, clean the bottle. If you did not buy a bottle of wine with a cork, you will need to get one. Pick fresh herbs and place them in the bottle. Then fill the bottle with vinegar, cork it, and place it on a sunny window sill. Let the sun mellow the vinegar into a lovely herbal flavor. This will be good to use on salads and pasta. To keep the vinegars going, just add  vinegar to the top of the bottle after each use and add fresh herbs each year.

Recommended Herbs:

Basil (Purple is especially nice as it turnes the vinegar pink)
Lemon Balm

Recipe for Life:

Never give up hope...
No just cause is ever futile and no matter how desperate and hopeless a situation seems, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining in the clouds, the darkest hour is before the dawn.....all the sentiments friends have said to me when the times were hard.... apply.

If you are having a tough time with an environmental issue, it is good to unify on a local level as well as with groups of people that have experience, information, connections.
If you have a clear vision and a purpose, doors will open to achieve your goal.

Time is running out for our Mother, the Earth. We must all do all we can for peace, justice, to preserve the wilderness, to nurture life.

Take time for what is really important. It may be a small thing, but a heartfelt one that makes it great.

Greenwoods Art

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